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Nowadays it seems like everyone knows at least one person is into retro products. This could be anything from furniture, vinyl records, and record players through to old video game systems. But what is the reason for this resurgence in the old pieces of technology? Shouldn’t the new be more popular and more trendy? Well, we are going to look at some of the reasons and history of this resurrection of these retro products.

          The trend of embracing the old certainly is not new. The word “retro” was first used to describe something that is displaying aspects of the past in the 1970s. Shops selling old furniture would describe their pieces as “retro” and they were essentially just sold as pieces of junk. Yet, somewhere along the way, these objects started to be thought of as trendy and classy to own. This embracing of retro culture soon spread from furniture to fashion, interior and graphic design, art, music and other forms of media. It was suddenly cool (and much more expensive) to go looking for Victorian-style furniture. The 80s and 90s saw a revival in the 1960s in terms of the media. Movies like Forrest Gump, The Sandlot and Good Morning Vietnam all focus on some part or are influenced in some way by that decade. This has repeated multiple times, with the 2010s developing musical trends that were influenced by the 80s as just one example.

          One of the biggest impacts of the fascination with retro products is how people are nostalgic for their childhood. People want to surround themselves with what they are familiar with, even when those things become somewhat dated. So where do people turn to? The old, of course! The shocking resurgence of vinyl records after their near-death in the mid-2000s is proof of that. According to Forbes in 2018, vinyl records sales reached up to 16 million units sold the previous year. And those are just the figures that are reported. Thousands of indie records stores don’t bother to report their sales, which means that almost a third of the vinyl sales are just simply unknown. If the data that we do have is anything to judge from, it seems as though vinyl is now both retro and trendy at the same time.

          But these records aren’t the only blasts from the pasts that are making a comeback. People are trying to recapture the interactive experience of retro products. Furniture through to Eco Friendly products is becoming quite trendy even in the modern day. One of the advantages of these products becoming trendy is that they are now at your fingertips with the Internet. 

          Retro business is booming, with the old becoming new and trendy once more. One can only assume that once we get done with the 2020s, at some point there will be retro pieces of art, music, movies, furniture, and fashion similar to what we currently have about the late 2000s and early 2010s.

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